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Fall Sports Book Reviews

Ken Dryden’s The Series is a gem. It talks about the ’72 Summit Series and not a year goes by that it isn’t mentioned in hockey circles, especially in Canada. McClelland and Stewart get Dryden talking about how he felt about the series back then and now.

Some forget Dryden was a star at Cornell University and he talks about that and when he joined the Canadian National Team. The photos and documents that are shown in this tome are magic. This takes you on a trip down memory lane or perhaps it’s the first time you’ve dug into the subject. If that’s the case, this is the right place to start.

I love the illustration on hotel stationery. I love the fact that Dryden misplaced one of his skates.

This book explains everything and it has more than you remember or possibly ever knew about all the games. I’ve watched documentaries and movies and still learned new items from this book.

Put this on the holiday shopping list.

A Fun Baseball Book To Purchase

A Game of Extremes written by Roy Lingster is an interesting tome. As a New York Mets fan the fact that he wrote about the Sidd Finch article made my day.  It’s the first chapter. It’s a must-read.

The famous Dock Ellis story is in there. I love urban legend and the author used all the right quotes, etc, but I don’t believe his story 100%. I never have.

The Pud Galvin profile was very interesting. I love to learn about how the culture of the United States was back then. That’s all I will say, read the book to find out.

You Throw Like a Girl is a great profile about a female pitcher who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. It’s a fascinating story that I wrote about as well,602

Roy did a nice job on this book, it’s well written and I love the subject matter and the different paths it takes you on.

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