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Gritty Falls Short in Mascot Rankings

Play Canada recently surveyed more than 2,000 NHL fans from across Canada and the U.S. to ask them to rate every NHL mascot on a scale from 1-5.


  • The top 5 best NHL mascots according to fans: 1. Carlton the Bear (Toronto) 2. Sabretooth (Buffalo) 3. Howler the Coyote (Arizona) 4. Louis (St. Louis) 5. Slapshot (Washington)
  • The worst NHL mascots according to fans: 1. Stringer (Columbus) 2. Harvey the Hound (Calgary) 3. Spartacat (Ottawa) 4. Youppi! (Montreal) 5. Fin the Whale (Vancouver)
  • The most obnoxious mascots in the NHL: 1. Gritty (Philadelphia) 2. Al the Octopus (Detroit) 3. Harvey the Hound (Calgary) 4. Youppi! (Montreal) 5. Bailey (Los Angeles)
  • Fans who love their team’s mascot the best: 1. Anaheim Ducks 2. Carolina Hurricanes 3. Nashville Predators 4. Philadelphia Flyers 5. San Jose Sharks
  • Fans who dislike their team’s mascot the most: 1. Vancouver Canucks 2. Columbus Blue Jackets 3. Florida Panthers 4. Winnipeg Jets 5. Edmonton Oilers

Take a look at the full rankings, and let me know if I can answer any questions.

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