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The 2021 New York Jets Have More Questions Than Answers

Zach Wilson is getting ready to make the first start of his Jets career against former franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold in Carolina. This is a big stage that will have a lot of eyeballs on both quarterbacks, and honestly, this storyline is going to be hard to watch.

I want Darnold to have a good season. I believe in him. I want Wilson to have a good season because that’s my team. He still must prove it to me, but that’s ok. I like the little we’ve seen so far.

Wide receiver Elijah Moore could be a big deal for the Jets offense and Wilson. He didn’t play at all in the preseason, so what will that mean in his first professional game? The hype is great, but it’s hard to see anything but a few videos from practice where it looked like he has a connection with Wilson. Will that hold up?

Protecting Wilson is Alijah Vera-Tucker and Mekhi Becton. Becton was banged up and played, but his injury woes limited him at times last season, and that can’t happen this year. But it might, and if it does, then the Wilson better figure out how to throw on the run,

Vera-Tucker hasn’t played a preseason snap, and that’s scary. Can he play an entire game, or will he get gassed at some point on an important drive? The Jets have already been beset with injuries heading into this game so it’s going to take some big-time efforts from all of these players mentioned to pull out a win.

One last thing. Tevin Coleman is the unofficial starting running back according to the depth chart that’s out there. That’s not set in stone, and we already know that Ty Johnson starts great and then loses it during the game. Coleman has a career 4.2 rushing average, but he also has seven career fumbles. His longest career run is 49 yards. I’m skeptical about him.

Michael Carter is 5-8, but he has some moves and can make the inside runs. On his pro day, he ran a 4.50 in the 40, but I don’t see that in-game speed, and honestly, the Jets need a running back with great speed to change up from the other two who are very similar backs. Carter is the X-factor in the Jets’ offense. He could bail out Wilson with short passes, and maybe he can break a few tackles.

We will cover more on the next Jets rehab!

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