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Jackie and Me Book Review

Jackie and Me: A Very Special Friendship appeals to me for a lot of reasons. My family used to vacation in the Catskills. My mother is still a huge fan of the old Brooklyn Dodger days and Jackie Robinson. Grossingers is a legendary name in resorts so this had the makings of something special.

The author, Tania Grossinger, was a young girl who had a chance to interact and learn from a larger than life figure in sports and pop culture. She had a chance to play him in ping-pong and more. Something that’s just very sweet when you read about it.

When she wrote, “Every kid looked up to him. I did too” my heart melted. That kind of acceptance is amazing considering the battle he fought to break the color barrier.

Grossinger felt like an outsider at her cousin’s resort. That’s a bit sad but the overall tone is very positive and compelling.

Charles George Esperanza did an amazing job with the illustrations and Skyhorse Publishing has a real hit on their hands.

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