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Jets Hit a New Low

The New York Jets lost a Monday Night Football game to the Indianapolis Colts, 41-10. I once watched a 56-3 beating the Patriots laid on them in 1979, Steve Grogan threw for five touchdowns! Andrew Luck threw for 4 touchdowns in his game. Richard Todd had a QBR of 28.7 in that “classic beat down” and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s was a 30.2. History repeats itself and with this club it happens a lot.

Todd Bowles can now say they got their “ass” kicked because it was on national television but this has been happening for weeks. Just not every week so it was hidden by an occasional win. Bowles and the other coaches on defense have been completely inept. They have left Darrelle Revis in situations he can no longer handle. They’ve sat their 4th round corner back, Juston Burris, for 3 straight weeks in favor of who exactly?

The Jets are more undisciplined than ever before. Under Rex Ryan the occasional personal foul would occur but three occurred yesterday in the first half! Players stopped tackling. Not everybody, some of the rookies and second year players were still going hard.

The Jets offensive line is a disaster. They were aging heading into this season and GM Mike Maccagnan tried to patch it up and call it solid and it’s been anything but that. It started with the D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s sudden offseason retirement and things have snowballed from there.

Bowles can say the “plan” was to play rookie quarterback, Bryce Petty the last four games but that seems forced at this point. Are you trying to tell Jets fans that you only want to play Petty against lesser competition? At this point he must play who’s on the schedule. Last night he was a bit off but still threw a beautiful touchdown to Temple’s Robby Anderson, a player the Jets need to sign this offseason. Anderson could have had two TD’s but the Colts made a last-minute play to knock one away from the speedy receiver. Petty throws a nice deep ball. He throws a deep ball which is an improvement over Fitzpatrick. With some fine tuning, they may have something in him. Time will tell.

Christian Hackenberg has been redshirted all season. Does that mean he was a complete waste of a second-round pick? Jordan Jenkins (LB) hasn’t played this year. Was that a wasted of a third-round pick? Brandon Shell (OT) hasn’t played this year and he was a 5th rounder. Lachland Edwards, the punter was a 7th round pick. He’s had a 43.3 average this season. A long of 59 and ranked 17th per Charone Peake was also a 7th round pick. He has 13 receptions on the season. He’s worth another look next year the same as Anderson. Both have some promise. First rounder, Darron Lee has 50 tackles on the year. He was “ok” last night. The jury is still out on him. So when you review this draft it’s weak at best and substandard at the worst. They MUST improve in this area. Woody Johnson may want to hire a “draft expert” to help in this area.

Bowles either needs to be fired or he needs to have a complete overhaul of the coaching staff. Chan Gailey needs to go back into retirement, most of them must go.

Let’s see what Johnson does. I think he’s been sold a bill of goods. Fans who say “sell the team” aren’t living in the real world. Fans don’t get to decide that.

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