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Joe Douglas Built the 2020 New York Jets

Adam Gase may be the coach, and maybe Joe Douglas can’t fire him without the say-so of owner Chris Johnson, but the fact that this roster is as bad as it is, $30 million or so under the cap, this is the team the general manager built that he defended in the offseason when the media said it wasn’t a good mix of players at all.

Even if Douglas wants to tank, he still has an obligation to develop the players he drafts in hopes of becoming a better team. With a substandard coach in Adam Gase, and the Jets have scored six offensive touchdowns all season, Sam Darnold was being set up from the start. The patchwork offensive line, the loss of Robby Anderson, all of it was never going to make the team better. All of it was designed to save ownership money and just throw out a substandard product on the field of play.

Joe Flacco can’t play anymore. The fact that the Jets didn’t get a back up with any real value in case he had to play, shows that Douglas was just bringing in a player he was familiar with as a member of the Baltimore Ravens back in the day. Fantastic, nostalgia isn’t the Jets’ friend. The damage the team is doing to the shrinking fan base is something even a first overall pick, if they’re lucky enough to get that, will change.

The Jets were shutout, the first of the NFL season. The defense tried and the offense was anemic, dumb, and just plain lifeless at times. Third down plays lacked any creativity and the comparisons to Rich Kotite’s 1996 Jets aren’t fair. That 1-15 team had 28 offensive touchdowns. This year’s Jets will never get there. Nope, and they might not win a game. That’s a reality.

Gase should be fired every week. Whenever it happens it will have been too late. Forget about saving the season, how about just trying to have some kind of pride in yourself to attempt to win a few games for the dwindling fanbase.

We are looking at the worst team the Jets have ever fielded. I feel bad for Darnold, I do. I feel bad for a lot of their players who are trying their best but they’re surrounded by some players who aren’t talented and a substandard game plan.

Don’t ask me how to fix this. This will take years and they’ve wasted two years now under Douglas. He can no longer get a pass here. He’s doing a bad job and not taking any responsibility for it and not talking to the media to say anything to the fans.

The Jets are 0-6. They’ve earned it. They are who we thought they were.

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