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McGahee Is Looking Towards The Future

When you’re a former star athlete you can’t hide from your past. Anything you said or did on the field, in the locker room or on the practice field is under a microscope. So it makes sense that former NFL running back, Willis McGahee decided to join the cast of E!’’s upcoming reality show, “Famously Single”.

“I never had a problem with Buffalo. That’s the problem.” said McGahee. “A writer took my words out of context. But that’s in the past. You can’t do anything about it now.”

Here’s a preview of the series:

Athletes are used to mixing with a lot of personalties and this show has that same kind of vibe except it has men and women in close quarters.

“When you’re on a reality show you spend a lot of time with your cast mates. You have camera’s following you around for the better part of your day. It doesn’t sound that evasive but it is. It comes with the territory,” he stated.

McGahee’s approach to the show was the same that he used on the gridiron.

“Nothing different the end of the day you still have to focus on your ability and what you bring to the table. That’s how I approach it. I approach everything like a ‘real life’ game for me. A serious situation,” he added.

The female dating coach on the show got approached by McGahee. He whispered a few sweet nothings in her ear (pretty suggestive) and the former player didn’t find anything wrong with that. There looked like in the second episode there would be a reveal and that seemed like a fumble.

“That was no fumble. I didn’t do anything negative. At the end of the day people will have their opinions on how it went down. It wasn’t disrespectful, not a fumble, no interception and not an illegal block,” said the former NFLer.

Dating isn’t easy and I give McGahee credit for trying to see why he was single at the time.

“Something new. Challenging. You always have to keep your options open,” McGahee stated. “It was a great opportunity to try something new. Instead of playing ball. I’ve been playing ball all my life. I’ve always been a part of football. This was a great experience. Seeing how I’d like being in the television world.”

McGahee, 34, is pretty comfortable in front of the camera. He’s used to being in the public eye.

“You get used to them and kind of tune them out,” he said about the camera presence.”

Maybe the process was so seamless that he could act completely natural?

“No, no, you don’t forget they’re there. They are right there in your face. You have to watch what you and do and say. They are watching every move,” he added.

No teammates have contacted him about his appearance. He said he can’t worry about what people think.

“When you go out as a ballplayer who don’t want to be throwing drinks back or getting into arguments.”

So why be on this type of show?

“Number one, to find out more about myself dating wise,” he responded.

His longest recent relationship was five years. Some had a lot less than that. It seems like he got along pretty well with everybody involved.

“You’re at events and with them around 19-20 hours before you go to sleep. You don’t have any choice but have love for them and you get real connected to them. And that’s what happened,” he said, responding to some of the on air connections that occurred between the cast.

He looks sharp on the show but he did have to make some wardrobe adjustments.

“(Laugh) That was a whirlwind because you can’t wear logo’d t-shirts on the show. I’d wear something and they’d say you can’t wear that. I had to have people bring me clothing without logos.”

In the end the mix of celebrities is a good one because they all have something in common  – – besides being hot.

“Just being in the limelight. A star, a super model or high profile D.J. “The Bachelor”. We understand the pressure that comes along with it,” McGahee answered.

If asked would he like to be “The Bachelor”?

“(Laugh) I don’t know. I probably would. I would have to be single to do “The Bachelor”.”

Wait. Was that a clue? Did the show work? He is dating somebody? Stay tuned.

Famously Single will air June 14th 10/9c.

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