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Mecole Hardman Could Be a Factor in Super Bowl 55

While most people are focusing on Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, enter Mecole Hardman, who is known mostly for his kickoff returns including the 104-yard run he had in his career.

“I can run good routes. Most people don’t know that,” said Hardman. “Most of my routes are downfield.”

Hardman has a mentor on the Kansas City Chiefs and that’s wide receiver’s coach, Greg Lewis who has played for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings when Brett Favre was there and Hardman really respects that and Lewis gives him a lot of tips and tricks.

“He makes me better. He’s teaching me how to make a move and getting out of my breaks,” Hardman added.

Hardman is a guy who likes to style a bit. You can see that in this photo.

“I try and make something pop. Not with top brands. With lesser-known brands. I want people to say ‘hey, that looks good’, I do it my own way.”

This speedster has been in the NFL for two years and he’s now headed to his second Super Bowl appearance.

I think it can mess up your mindset. Veterans have told me ‘I waited like ten years for my first Super Bowl’. I’m just grateful for the opportunities, going to two because some never get to one.”

Hardman has 67 career receptions for 1,098 yards and 10 touchdowns. He caught a three-yarder against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game. His career postseason long catch is 50 yards and I have a feeling they’ll see if he can get open at a few different points in the game.

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