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Antonio Brown’s Super Bowl Status is Up in the Air

Raise your hand if this is the least surprising news you’ve heard so far. Antonio Brown is questionable. We’ve heard this before, with countless other teams in other situations. Since the Divisional Playoffs, Brown has had exactly three receptions. One of them was a touchdown, but it’s been weeks since his 11-reception performance against a bad Atlanta Falcons team.

This begs the question since he’s had five targets. Yes, there has been an injury. The big question here is whether or not Brady will even focus on Brown if he’s healthy enough to play.

“Antonio and I connected right away. A great skill set and football i.q. and incredible love for the game,” said Tom Brady.

Brady says all the right things, and so far, Brown has as well, especially as far as mentoring the younger receivers.

“I tell them not to take this moment for granted. It’s not easy to get to the Super Bowl. Be on the details and maximize your time and preparation,” Brown added.

Brown then explained how he has overcome everything he caused. His version is a bit different.

“It’s been a long journey over the course of a year and a half. A lot of scrutiny, adversity, you name it. It didn’t stop me. It didn’t want to make me give up. I just got persistent,” Brown stated. “I made a plan. Wrote out my goals. I set my attention to what I wanted out of my life and took a step back and re-focused…And went out and did it.”

I can’t pretend he’s the receiver he used to be now at the age of 32. There is a carrot for Brown, he got $750,000 for getting to the Super Bowl (as reported on Pro Football Talk). If his knee keeps him out of the game, he got paid. That’s not to say he doesn’t want to play and help his team win. It’s just an interesting note in all of this.

I don’t think we’re talking about Terrell Owens making a miraculous comeback from a broken leg to play in the Super Bowl. Owens was a much bigger part of the Eagles offense as compared to Brown who is just an “extra deep threat” for Brady.

Brown always acts like he’s misunderstood. He never got a ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers and getting that first one is definitely a goal for him. He may still get one even if he’s on the sidelines. This whole situation is peak AB. He’s doing interviews, he’s getting talked about, and he’s questionable for the big game.

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