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Mets Trade Deadline Timeline For deGrom Injury Doesn’t Add Up

At Yesterday’s press conference, Mets GMs Zack Scott and Sandy Alderson attempted to explain to the media and the team how they rescued the team at the deadline by acquiring Javy Baez. They were the heroes, and I never heard Alderson say they were doing it for the fans. You know, those people who pay the salaries, or at least that used to be the way it worked.

Alderson has run his course again. He needs to go. He has no interaction with the fans. He never attempts to talk to the fanbase, and he never goes that extra mile at the deadline to make his team better.

The original report in the Baez deal included a much better Chicago Cubs starter in Zach Davies. That would have been a nice addition compared to Trevor Williams, who is so valuable they sent him immediately to AAA and not the big club, who desperately needs a starter.

The fans know better. They can’t be fooled at a weird press conference trying to explain how the Mets really can’t beat the Dodgers anyway so why try harder to do it? That’s the message that I got.

The Mets tried to get you to believe that after Max Scherzer and Jose Berrios were gone there was nobody else worth taking after finding out about their injured ace. Really? For a team that needs to get through a pennant race? Sorry, nobody bought that.

Bringing back the black jerseys was nice. Those jerseys also represented a time when the Mets would do better at the deadline to try and improve their team instead of looking at the numbers that in the last 46 games, the Mets haven’t lost any ground in the NL East race.

Saying Rich Hill isn’t nothing is correct. Trying to use him beyond five innings is dumb, and hopefully, Luis Rojas has learned that lesson.

So the Mets let the Phillies load up on good pitching an All-Star pitcher in Kyle Olson, a pitcher that Scott failed to mention was still available but let him go to the competition. That was left out of the press conference.

Mets fans should be happy that there is better ownership in place. They should also be upset that they’re still being led by Alderson who hasn’t changed his approach to the game in all of these years.

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