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Book Review Capsules: A Sports Fan’s Guide to Route 66

I’m working on some summer book reviews. Here’s the first. I’ll try and do a few a week now.

There’s a certain mystique attached to Route 66, I’ve never been and that’s another reason this book intrigued me. I love the foldout cover. Let’s start with that.

Imbrifex Books have created a visually appealing tome. Ron Clements had a great idea. I love the smaller-time teams that are highlighted like the Joliet Slammers and the bigger ones like the Cardinals and Busch Stadium.

I was happy to see the Enterprise Center (home of the St. Louis Blues). I covered the Stanley Cup there.

It’s fun to see places you’ve been to like the Staples Center and Dodger Stadium but the try joy of this book is the mentions of the high schools, museums,

and minor league teams

I highly recommend this and I hope to see more of these treasures in my own travels!

This is the ultimate Road Trip book for sports.

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