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New York Jets Quarterbacks Are Lacking Experience

The Jets took Zach Wilson with the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. I’m not here to say it was a bad pick. I hope it’s great. The fact of the matter is the Jets don’t have an experienced quarterback on the roster currently, and that worries me.

Will Zach Wilson go from zero games in the NFL to all 17? No rookie has ever been asked to do that, and I’d hope the Jets aren’t among the first to do it either.

James Morgan was drafted in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft and took zero snaps last year on an awful football team. Joe Douglas talks about how smart he is and how he is like another coach, here’s a funny question, can he play? Jets fans had Christian Hackenberg who wasn’t even close to an NFL quarterback, and who’s to say they aren’t in the same situation again?

Why didn’t Morgan play at all last year? There’s no excusing that, and Douglas should have demanded it. Last year Adam Gase wouldn’t play him at all because he lacked preseason experience. Will history repeat itself? Last year Gase said in Week 11 that Morgan probably wasn’t going to play at all in 2020. Ok, so what about 2021, doesn’t Wilson need a veteran to talk to on the bench to help him in certain situations?

I would think an experienced backup would help the young quarterback. It’s only natural to think that and the Jets have completely ignored the position, and it’s never talked about,

Another backup the Jets have on the roster is Mike White. White is the practice squad quarterback who got waived and re-signed multiple times, but Douglas is excited about him. What if there’s a quarterback injury in training camp? Then what? The Jets are really undermanned at this position regarding experience, and there’s no good answer for it.

For the record, White has never thrown a pass in an NFL game either. Honestly, the Jets have never had a situation like this, and it makes me uneasy for sure. I’m surprised ownership signed off on this.

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