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Phillies vs. Mets – Both Managers Are Fighting For Their Jobs

This isn’t a series preview. Both teams are playing horrible baseball. That’s the preview.

The Phillies have lost seven straight and were swept by the Marlins. Gabe Kapler has tried Bryce Harper as a leadoff hitter and he’s making his players laugh when he talks about what he’ll do next. Harper chuckled yesterday. It’s a bad scene right now.

Mickey Callaway cursed out a reporter. Jason Vargas then threatened him. The Mets apologized for that but not for their play. That’s that franchise in a nutshell.

The Mets may fire Mickey Callaway sometime soon. I say may because they will put up with a lot before they pull the trigger. Most of that is because of finances and not wanting to pay while he’s sitting out the rest of his contract. There’s one year left on it.

Kapler is on the hot seat but it’s not scorching hot. If he loses a few more and a possible series to the Mets, will that seal his fate? I think it might.

Both teams had high hopes in spring training, and both are fading fast while the Atlanta Braves have a chance to run away with the division.

This series will get a crazy amount of coverage for all the wrong reasons. Fans would like these games to count towards something bigger. Both fan bases are teetering. As the weather gets nicer the stands could be a lot thinner in both markets. Just because tickets are sold it doesn’t guarantee they’ll all show up especially when their teams are playing embarrassing baseball.

Two big positives:

Pete Alonso hit his 27thhome run (two off the league lead). That breaks Darryl Strawberry’s rookie record of 26. It’s only June! He has 61 RBI (five off the league lead) to boot. That’s a big positive for the Mets.

Rhys Hoskins has 16 home runs and 50 RBI. His 55 walks lead the National League. He’s having a really good season and these two players could make this series a fun one.

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