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Rodgers’ Fatigue May Exhaust His New York Welcome Before It Starts 

If you have Aaron Rodgers fatigue, raise your hand. If you think Rodgers is better than Bart Starr or Brett Favre, raise your hand, then lower it because you’re wrong. The Rodgers media tour has been exhausting, and there is still no deal in place. We all expect there will be. By the time it happens, the fans are going to be worn down and won’t care about the transaction until the season begins.

Can Rodgers handle the New York media? I’m not sure. After yesterday, I suspect he may tell more writers to lose his number. That’s his right, but coming over to the Jets with players he wants means they are taking the place of players already on the team.

Who doesn’t think Rodgers will look off Garrett Wilson if he isn’t wide open to find Allen Lazard open or try and force a pass to him? Who thinks Rodgers will keep handing the ball off to Breece Hall if he’s having a big game and can’t be stopped? I don’t. I’ve seen Rodgers force the passing game even when the run game was working. He is a great quarterback, but his flaws are plentiful, and the Jets coaching staff has to be prepared to deal with that.

The Jets will be a better team on paper with Rodgers. No doubt. But Rodgers will need Quinnen Williams to work his magic on the other side of the ball, and so far the Jets haven’t given him an offer, and he probably won’t report to OTA’s without it. That’s the lost storyline in the Rodgers saga. Williams is under contract for this season, but do you want to risk him walking after that? Will this Jets season turn into a one-and-done? That’s the worst-case scenario’.

The compensation for getting Rodgers is important. The Jets will lose a first-rounder. I’m pretty sure of that. After that let’s see what else is in the deal. It seems like the Jets and Packers are haggling, and while they’re doing that other free agents are signing.

The Jets’ strategy here has been mono focused. That’s never good. I know the prize seems very shiny right now, but if Rodgers comes into camp late and the Jets don’t start the season winning. Then it could look a lot worse than we all expect.

Let’s see what happens, but we all have Rodger’s fatigue.

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