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Sam Morin Worked Hard For His First NHL Goal

Hockey players are among the most resilient humans on earth. They have to overcome adversity constantly and their job is stressful. Sam Morin has been with the Philadelphia Flyers system since they drafted him in 2013. 

Sam Morin played 200 games in the “Q” and 177 with the Phantoms in the AHL. Today, was his 15th NHL game. That’s not the way he drew it up or the Flyers drew it up. Nobody could have predicted the injuries this defenseman had to overcome. Morin had missed most of the past three seasons (2017-20) with injuries, first a core-muscle injury and then two separate ACL tears.

Earlier this year, he was trying to become a forward. In the end, it’s just that his goal came with him playing on the blueline. That’s where his worth is and he will either make it or not based on how he plays in that position.

“Obviously it’s been a hard couple of years for me. I was just trying to take it day by day. It’s a cliché, but that’s what I did. When I tore my second ACL and obviously when they told me I was going to be forward at the beginning of the year, I was just happy to be back with the boys,” said Morin. “Just how fast it goes. I go in the AHL and play D. I play pretty well and two weeks after, you’re playing in the NHL. It’s crazy. You always need to stay ready. It goes so fast.”

I’ve been covering prospects since 2001. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many players, a lot of Flyers, get their first NHL goal. There’s nothing more glorious and this was a game-winner that ended an abysmal losing streak. 

It was absolutely crazy. I just saw Raf put his hand in the air and screaming. Ghost flying on me. I’m really happy,” Morin stated. “It’s the best moment in my life. I don’t score a lot of goals. It was a big one. A big W for us. It was a big moment for me. I’m going to enjoy it and reset for tomorrow. We got a big game against Buffalo in two days. We can’t be too high. Just enjoy the moment and go after it.”

Morin will do anything to play and stay in the NHL. He will do everything he can to remain with the Flyers after this season when his contract is up. He is going to be an unrestricted free agent. Let’s see what happens with that.

Right now, this moment in time is glorious for the player. I’ve watched him before becoming a member of the Flyers organization and every season after. I’ve had a lot of conversations with him and there’s not a better person in the sport. Genuine and full of joy. He loves this game. In the end, his coach Alain Vigneault summed it up best. 

“Sam is a big Frenchman off the farm.”

That’s true. He is that guy and so much more, but that’s the charm about him. I would love to bottle his joy. That’s worth a million dollars.

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