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The Mets Need an Ace 

The Mets have no ace on the staff. Their plans to have Max Scherzer fill that role with the departure of Jacob deGrom didn’t happen. Justin Verlander isn’t what he used to be. Both are still effective to a degree, but the rest of the league doesn’t fear them, and

Imagine If Houston Didn’t Go Verlander in Game 1

I was listening to the WIP morning show today while running an errand and heard Angelo Cataldi talking to MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds, and they were talking about the World Series, and how it’s going to be close. I was like, ok, I agree with that until he said, I

Trading Days and Nights

This is the time of year when baseball trade talk is all the rage. Where will Chris Sale wind up? What about Andrew McKutchen? And there are other “name” players out there rumored to be on the move like Justin