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The Mets Are Getting Very Little for Their Money Spent 

Let’s look at the current situation. The Mets are 17-18 a game below .500 and the Braves are seven games ahead of them and Miami. The Braves historically catch the Mets, but the Mets won’t catch the Braves. Not this year.  

I did worry about the age in the starting rotation and so far that has been a problem. Neither Justin Verlander nor Max Scherzer has helped the team much at all this season. I thought Senga could be the defacto ace and so far, that’s happened, and I think Carlos Carrasco is washed. The Mets tried to buy depth and still failed at it. Jose Quintana has been cleared to play catch. 

The outfield is very weak. Tommy Pham is “ok” at best and Mark Canha isn’t an everyday outfielder. 

The DH position is a black hole with Daniel Vogelbach, Eduardo Escobar, and whoever else gets thrown in there. The Mets are currently ranked 17th only because of on-base percentage. The average in total is .229.This is pathetic. 

The Mets are losing to bad teams which makes them a bad team. At some point, Buck Showalter needs to come to grips that this team is woefully underperforming and needs to light a fire under them.  

GM Billy Eppler has to be looking for another starter. ASAP. This rotation isn’t going to make it to July at this point.  

It’s ok to say it’s early, and it’s just May, but the Mets are supposed to be a World Series contender and so far, they are the seventh-best team in the NL. The Rays have 28 wins. Those wins don’t go away.  

When exactly will the Mets turn this around? Brett Baty has been terrific, and Francisco Alvarez is starting to hit a bit more. And that’s not enough. If the Mets trade prospects to fill the holes or try and call up for prospects, the end result is the roster construction was awful and wholesale changes like adding Dominic Leon to the bullpen haven’t helped.  

Thinking things will get better isn’t a plan. I worry about Buck Showalter having too much respect for failing players like Vogelbach who cost the Mets a run with horrid baserunning and keeping him in the lineup when he should have been pulled from the game.  

What’s the date to start pushing the panic button? Let’s see where they are at after playing the Reds, Nationals, and Rays. If they haven’t improved, I think it’s time. 

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