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Saroya Tinker Instantly Upgrades the Riveters Blueline

Saroya Tinker was drafted by the Metropolitan Riveters with the 4th overall pick in the 2020 NWHL Draft. She’s a strong defender out of Yale University. She’s a Toronto, Ontario native who will now spend part of the year in Northern Jersey. Like any prospect heading into the pros, she’s

NWHL Free Agent Camp Scouting Notes

Buffalo, NY - Here are some scouting notes from the NWHL Free Agent Camp I attended. Needless to say I was impressed with many of these hopefuls. The video below shows some quick action. Morgan Scoyne - Played at RIT 2015 - She's a defenseman who can make the long pass. She

Erin Zach From RIT To The Pros

Erin Zach will always be remembered as one of the first signings in Buffalo Beauts history. They are a new franchise in the brand new NWHL and she will get the chance to be a trailblazer. A player who could attract more free agents and a player who took a