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Erin Zach From RIT To The Pros

Erin Zach will always be remembered as one of the first signings in Buffalo Beauts history. They are a new franchise in the brand new NWHL and she will get the chance to be a trailblazer. A player who could attract more free agents and a player who took a believes that this league will survive for years to come.

So far the Beauts lack a full roster but their GM is excited to build a new team.

”I was very impressed with both of these players at the Buffalo and Toronto camps,” said
Linda Mroz, General Manager of the Beauts. “Devon’s speed and endless effort is something
that I look for in a player. She possesses strength and hockey smarts, and she will be a great fit
for Buffalo.” She continued, “Erin not only has speed, but she crashes the net and finishes hard
after every drill. Her hunger and ability to score will surely come in handy during game time.”

Zach, like most professional athletes had a very special training program that helped her be the player she is today.

“I did a couple of summers of landscaping and stuff like that,” said Zach. “I did curb cutting between my freshman and sophomore year and I ended up gaining 20 pounds of muscle. There are only 12 curb cutters in North America. Where the curb is when they put in new homes. They cut out the curb for the driveway. I worked with one other guy and he would cut it with the big machine and I would come along with a sledge hammer and break up the pieces. Then  I’d pick up the pieces of concrete and throw them in the back of the truck. We did like 14 hour days. My legs doubled in size that summer.”

Erin Zach grew up in Elmire, Ontario before becoming a forward for Rochester Institute of
Technology (RIT) Tigers. During her time at RIT, Zach scored 74 points (30g, 44a) in 121
games, including five shorthanded goals, enough to place her at fifth all-time in RIT’s record
book. She helped win the 2010 ECAC West Championship and bring the school their first
Division III National Championship title in 2012. Zach was a member of the Tigers team that
won the 2014 College Hockey America (CHA) Championship versus Mercyhurst in second

“Yes in 2012 we won a National Championship and in 2014 we won the CHA championship,” she stated. “We got a lot of attention just from our school alone. RIT has such a strong fanbase. We almost get more attention than the Amerks do. Not more but as a women’s hockey team it feels really good that we had televised games and more.

“When I started in my freshman year in 2010. RIT was still one of the better teams in training and everything got paid for then thanks to the donations etc. It’s crazy what it was then to what it is now. We have the giant rink that’s one of the nicest in college hockey.”

Where will she play? Right now she has more questions than answers.

“I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see. It will be great no matter what. We’re going to put on a show. That’s for sure. We won’t know until the puck drops in October,” Zach said.
Did she have a long talk with her parents about this uncertainty?

“We did have that conversation.”

One are of the game she excelled in was on the power play.

“I did get a lot of power play time. It took a while to find my spot. But then they moved me to the point and I felt more at home. I’m more of a player and would rather let somebody get more glory for the goal.”

Like Mats Zuccarello on the Rangers Zach uses a very long stick.

“I use a stick that’s too long. It’s about as tall as I am. I am 5”2.  I enjoy going wide around the defense,” she divulged.

Look for more new on the NWHL as it happens.

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