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That’s My Team Book Review

That’s My Team is a book that will be out soon. The publisher is Rowman and Littlefield. This book explores the origins of sports and team names. Paul Volponi the author is an English teacher and has done a nice job. He does lay out the Washington Redskins controversy as well as other Native American team names. He points out both sides but doesn’t say which he favors.

I love that he included the Montreal Expos and a lot of Canadians will appreciate that as well.

As a New York Jets fan, I do love the Titans/Jets origin and how deep the author dug into their names.

There’s a nice footnote after the Mets profile.

This is a great book for kids or to have on a flight or a train. You can read it for stretches and then pick it back up easily. You can look in the well-done index to see your favorite teams first, as I did. I enjoyed this book.

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