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The XFL is Ramping Things Up

I’ve found out recently that some have never heard of the league. Most don’t know the cities they’re in. I have no idea how tickets are selling, and it looks like the biggest name player they will have is Terrell Owens, Trent Richardson, Kony Ealy, Landry Jones and possibly Johnny Manziel, if he decides this league is for him now that they are willing to accept him with his flaws.

There are eight teams, NY, DC, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Seattle, and Tampa Bay. A few days ago, the New York Guardians have announced that their season ticket prices are $25 per game for lower level seats and $95 for club access. Fans who buy a package will get a field VIP pass for one game. You have no idea who will be on the team, that’s a tough sell.

The XFL draft is October 15th and 16th. Nobody seems to have listed the time as of yet. DC picks first. I have no idea where the draft is. It will be covered on social media, not sure what their partners ESPN and Fox will provide for this and I haven’t seen a way for the media to cover it.

This is a Vince McMahon production but he’ll find out, again, because this is his second crack at the XFL, that you need to market this league beyond the WWE and you have to get fans invested in it well before they’re willing to plunk down money for tickets.

The draft needs to be a huge splash and so far, most people don’t know about it. That may change this week, so I’ll keep my eyes and ears open

The 10-week season starts February 8th, 2020.

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