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The Jets’ Next Four Games Might Decide the Season 

The New York Jets are miraculously 4-3 heading into a big Monday Night Football game against the San Diego Chargers. The three games following that are against the Raiders and Bills on the road and home on Black Friday against the Miami Dolphins. The Jets need to win 2 or 3 of these games to keep pace. 

Duane Brown should be coming back for the Raiders game. Until then, Mekhi Becton will remain on the left side, but when Brown returns, he will shift to the right. And that makes the Jets’ offensive line much stronger for the next three games, and that’s a big deal. They will need the running game in all of them. 

Corey Davis is supposed to un-retire sometime in November. I’m guessing he sees an opening for a lot of playing time, especially since Randall Cobb has been targeted just 12 times this season, and he has a pitiful three catches for 20 yards. One of those was that failed catch on the Hail Mary, but I don’t blame that on him. Davis did perform well with Zach Wilson, and that gives him another option out there.  

The Chargers Pass Defense is Bad 

The Chargers’ pass defense is bad. They are giving up 7.8 yards per catch and a pass completion percentage of 68% on the season. Wilson has to exploit this and should be able to. 

Against the run, they’re pretty porous. They are giving up 3.8 yards per carry with eight touchdowns this season. That’s the eighth worst in touchdowns. The Jets run defense, that’s always a talking point for yards given up has only given up three touchdowns, that’s a significant point the national media hasn’t mentioned.  

Aaron Rodgers Hype 

In a recent watch promotion Aaron Rodgers posted on his IG account “A little more time” and seeing a video of him throwing on the field makes me think he might be back in December. So, the Jets must hold on until that happens, if that happens. 

The National Media Hates Wilson 

If Mike White was keeping the Jets season alive, doing exactly what Wilson is doing, he would be getting applauded. The national media has decided since the Jets quarterback was drafted second overall and he isn’t a Top 10 guy, that he’s a failure and can never get better. We can all see that he has ups and downs but in the end, his leadership and fourth-quarter comebacks should have changed that narrative, and it hasn’t. He has three, and it’s the most since Mark Sanchez in 2010 (3), and 2011 (4).  

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