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The Jets Should Draft Mitch Trubisky

The NFL draft is in Philadelphia and the event will be held outdoors. Many prospects are hoping they’re drafted in the first round. Some because of the status and some because of the money, but some will be happy that Thursday will be the coolest of the three days. If you’re drafted on Day 3 it will be somewhere close to 88 degrees. There will be a lot of kids sweating it out at this draft.

The New York Jets need a quarterback. Christian Hackenberg is unlikely to have an impact for the team and the front office seems like they’ve tagged Bryce Petty as their future backup. Josh McCown is the Jets quarterback for this year. He could act like a coach and mentor for the player the Jets need to draft – – Mitch Trubisky. Will he get past the Browns? I think it’s possible.

The Jets have Sheldon Richardson who can be used as a trade chip to move up if Trubisky moves down the ladder towards six but the Jets don’t feel like he’ll be there when they select. It’s a good chip to have and this guy could be an effective NFL quarterback. Is he a guaranteed superstar? Who knows?

Trubisky only started 13 games at North Carolina. It sounds like Mark Sanchez and maybe Sanchez would have been better sitting the bench the first season as I’m proposing for Trubisky.

At 6-3, 209 he has a great arm. Kellen Clemens had a big arm but he wasn’t very smart. Watching Trubisky break down film, and pass coverages, I was impressed. He was a pretty quick thinker and he can avoid a pass rush. If he decides to run he has 4.67 speed in the 40. The Jets have never had a quarterback with these measurable and they should do everything in their power to get him. Otherwise, they’re just guessing in the middle rounds.

Here’s what NFL Network analyst, Mike Mayock said about the Browns or Jets taking the talented quarterback:

As a matter of fact, and I’ve said this a bunch of times, I think most of this quarterback class should be later down the line, whether it’s first round or second round. However, I think the only wildcard before them is the Jets at No. 6. I don’t think Buffalo’s going to take one at 10. They might. But the Jets at 6 I think is a huge reach for any quarterback. But if they fall in love with somebody, they’ve got to keep swinging because they’ve done the same thing Cleveland has. They’ve drafted a bunch of quarterbacks and none of whom have panned out

Mike Maccagnan has had a bumpy ride as the Jets general manager. He started off by saying the team would be a contender to now they’re rebuilding. Is he the man that can do this? That’s the question and Jets ownership is rolling the dice on that one. If they get it wrong they can be set back for years like the Jaguars, Browns, Chargers, if not maybe they can get back into the playoff hunt in 2-3 seasons. Let’s see what happens in Philadelphia.

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