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The New York Jets Are a Lock To Take This Quarterback

When the New York Jets are on the clock at the 2018 NFL Draft in Arlington, Texas, which quarterbacks will be on the board? We all think we know but maybe the oddsmakers have a better idea?

April 26th is the day. That’s just around the corner and the speculation is growing. Odds are the Jets will neither trade up or down. They seem to have exhausted all their options and will make this selection that could make or break the franchise for the next decade.

The website BetOnline.AG has given Sportsology exclusive odds on who will be the third quarterback taken.

Here they are:

Josh Rosen  +125

Josh Allen  +150

Baker Mayfield  +275

Sam Darnold  +700

Any Other QB  +2000

Now, if the Browns or Giants don’t take a quarterback, you can tear this up, but odds are they will. Use the above link if you’re looking for a few more scenarios.

I know a lot of people think the Buffalo Bills will trade up to get a quarterback. If they do these odds will still be in play.

Will Jets fans appreciate Josh Rosen? Many compare him to Jay Cutler. He’s trying to change that narrative and fans of Gang Green certainly hope that’s not the case.

Either way Jets fans will welcome in their new franchise quarterback with open arms. We all hope he’ll get a chance to play with Christian Hackenberg ahead of him on the depth chart. I kid. Maybe.

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