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This Day in Jets History

The Jets fired Todd Bowles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired him as a defensive coordinator. For those “experts” who just blindly say that he’s an excellent coordinator in this league. I challenge that. When Kacy Rodgers was out with an illness, Bowles took over the defense and it wasn’t any better. Even though he’s the head coach, does the defense not fall under him as well? Seems that it doesn’t in some circles.

The one game Bowles was coach and DC was against Denver. The Jets won 34-16. Case Keenum threw for 377 yards and two touchdowns and 1 pick. The Broncos had 436 yards of offense. 92 rushing. Is that good? The Jets had some big plays that game or it would have been just like all their other games with Bowles approving horrible schemes and players like Buster Skrine.

At one point, the Jets seemed to be locked into hiring a Super Bowl winning Mike McCarthy. A head coach with a record of 125-77-2 and nine playoff appearances in 13 seasons. He only wanted to coach for one team in 2019, the New York Jets. He didn’t get his wish.

Current Baylor coach, Matt Rhule, interviewed twice with the team and ended up staying at Baylor. Something went wrong. Reports are mixed about their second meeting.

Adam Gase got the job. Most teams locked up their head coaches today and he was hanging out there. He had good moments with the Dolphins and bad moments with them. He’s only 40 and clearly, he talks a good game. Gase was a quarterback coach of an aging Peyton Manning. He was then elevated to offensive coordinator with the Broncos. When he left for the Dolphins job in 2016, the Broncos won a Super Bowl, led by Manning but mostly their defense. Did Peyton call the Jets to give them the thumbs up on Gase? The same Manning the Jets once beat 41-0 in the playoffs. This is his revenge on the Jets, that part isn’t lost on me.

I’m typing this article with Cheetos dust still on my fingertips. Sam Darnold now has to hope that Gase is really good with quarterbacks and wasn’t just led around by Manning, who, many said was a coach on the field.

I’m not thinking about the Jets for the rest of the winter and through the summer. I have to clear my head and see what they do in the draft and free agency. I want to see the whole picture. Maybe I’m missing something here but right now this doesn’t seem to be the best hire. The Jets had a lot of guys to choose from and they chose Gase.

I know the ’72 Dolphins raised their glasses to his Dolphins teams early on the past three seasons. He did have a 10-6 season. The past two weren’t good. Jets fans have to hope it’s a short-term contract.

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