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Wisdom Can Boost His Draft Stock with a Solid Season

Zaccharya Wisdom currently plays for the Cedar Rapids Roughriders in the USHL. He turns 18 in April and therefore is 2022 NHL Draft Eligible. At 6-1, 166 pounds he is a work in progress to get the necessary strength to turn pro someday. As of now, this forward has a lot of promise.

“I think I’m a hard-working guy. I’m somewhat of a playmaker. I’m a pass first guy for sure,” said Wisdom.

His brother Zayde was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers and is currently in their system likely to start another season in Lehigh Valley. He’s paved the way for his brother with support, for a lack of a better word, his hockey wisdom.

“Since I was in Toronto when everything was shutting down (during the pandemic), we didn’t have a season as he did. Whenever he had a game. Me, my mom, and my grandmom were upstairs watching it. We watched every one of his AHL games,” Wisdom said proudly. “Zayde constantly tells me if I can do it, you can do it. Just hearing him say that gives me a lot of confidence. And it kind of clears my mind and gives me the ability to go out there every night and play the way I want to play.”

The younger Wisdom has a good motor. He’s a good skater already and a very good passer. He has pushback when necessary, and that’s going to be important as he moves up the ladder.

“That’s something I work on when I get the chance. Especially in the offseason,” he said like many hockey players. “I try to get faster and more agile. It’s something I work on all the time.”

His play along the wall is solid. He’ll use his body, and he’ll also take a hit to make a play.

“Especially with the Roughriders. Coach Carlson puts such a huge emphasis on patience. Being able to do that and have my back whenever I do it. It gives me a lot more confidence. It’s a huge part of the game for me,” Wisdom shared.

In the early going, Wisdom got out of the gate strong for his team.

“I put up a couple of points already. Not as many as I want. My teammates are awesome guys. I think everything is going as planned.”

Being draft eligible you wonder how often a player thinks about that day?

“I try and put it out of mind,” Wisdom admitted.

I’m hoping to see the NHL Combine come back this year. It’s a useful tool, and players want to see it come back. It helps a lot of them get more exposure just before the draft.

“For sure. It’s every kid’s dream to go to a combine. Especially a big one like that. I definitely would be interested in it,” Wisdom answered quickly. “The broad jump. I can jump pretty far. Definitely some sort of agility test too.”

If Wisdom has a good season. He should get drafted, and someday he and his brother may face each other in an NHL game. You never know.

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