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10 Things That Will Happen In The 2020 Baseball Season

So, there will be a weird 60-game season that is fashioned for younger people, but most younger people hate baseball, so now Rob Manfred has alienated the base that loves the sport, not all of it but a large percentage. What has the sport done to say they will be more “fan-friendly”? Has Manfred even talked about what the sport may do for their fans? Most of them who haven’t been fully refunded yet, just postponed games so far. Here’s the list:

  1. There will be a batting champion with under 200 at-bats (186 at-bats is the likely minimum). If it were me, I wouldn’t give out any awards this year and I would stay away from all record-based incentives. There will be some monetary squabbles down the road for sure.
  2. A reliever will win the Cy Young Award. Starters may get 12 starts. A closer can still have 35 saves, proving how meaningless saves really are.
  3. The DL list will be the longest in the history of the sport.
  4. Pitchers will be ahead of the hitters. A large number of pitchers have been throwing all along. I don’t think hitters have been in a cage as often and taking part in baseball activities as often.
  5. A few pitchers will be ejected when umpires inspect the damp towels in their back pockets (part of the new health regulations) and find other substances on the towels besides water.
  6. Jacob deGrom will still get a handful of at-bats. The Mets have so many injuries waiting to happen with Yoenis Cespedes, Robinson Cano, and Jed Lowry (he’s still there), that he will hit and possibly pinch-hit compared to the “players” the Mets have left on the bench.
  7. I expect more than a few Astros players getting plunked. Opposing teams who aren’t in the race or pitchers who might have met the time served for this season to extend service time, or free agents, might take a crack at a few.
  8. Teams will have one speedster signed for that stupid extra innings runner on second rule.
  9. Matt Harvey will be on someone’s taxi squad since they won’t have to pay him much.


Tim Tebow with Joanna Cano at a Spring Training game in Port. St. Lucie.


10. Tim Tebow will get into a game. ESPN can preview it to death on all of their television and radio shows. The Mets will attempt to sell his merch one more time, even though he made one of the ugliest outfield plays I’ve ever seen in spring training. So a pinch-hitting or Universal DH assignments seem likely.


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