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1000 Hands Doesn’t Disappoint Jon Anderson Fans

Jon Anderson is on tour supporting his new album, 1000 Hands and playing Yes music. Here’s more on that here:

I really like this album. If you read the release, there’s a host of very talented musicians who appear on this record. Unfortunately, if you get the digital download and download the book jacket, you don’t get real liner notes, just the lyrics and songwriter information. I did some guessing so here’s what I think so far:

Jean-Luc Ponty could be playing some great violin in the track “I Found Myself” and definitely in “Come Up”. On Come Up I think I hear Chick Corea on the piano intro (Thanks to Mike Augello on this), Chris Squire, Alan White as well as Ponty.

Confirmed on in this great article by Ed Masley:

I think Rick Wakeman may be on the track “WDMCF” and possibly “Now” (Mike Augello thought near the end). I’m guessing Carmine Appice is on that one too.

The most interesting song on this solo effort is “Ramalama”. The vocals sound a lot like the style of “Leave It” the Acapella version.

Technically this album was 30 years in the making. I may spend the next 30 figuring out who plays on each track! Help!

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