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Jill Gonzalez Breaks Down The Best and Worst NCAA Basketball Cities

A lot of people are living and dying with each NCAA game that pushes their team further along in the tournament. This list has some amazing facts thanks to Wallet Hub.

Top 10 March Madness Stats & Facts:

  1. $13.8 Billion: Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness.
  2. $1.16 Billion: Annual revenue for the NCAA in 2021, more than double the amount earned in 2020 and topping pre-pandemic revenues ($1.12 Billion).
  3. $8.1 Million: Salary for college basketball’s highest paid coach, Kentucky’s John Calipari (vs. $1.2M combined for University of Kentucky’s president and the state’s governor).
  4. 46X: Difference between the average NBA rookie’s salary ($3.3M) and a D1 men’s athlete basketball scholarship for a year ($71.4K).
  5. $10 Billion: Estimated amount wagered on the 2022 NCAA tournament (roughly 30% more than the amount wagered on Super Bowl).
  6. $200 Million: Estimated economic impact on New Orleans from March Madness 2022.
  7. $334.2 Million: Estimated value of the University of Kentucky basketball program — highest among all schools (generating a 3-year average profit of $29.7M)
  8. $169.4 Million: NCAA’s basketball fund’s 2022 distribution to D1 schools.
  9. $0: Amount of money the NCAA pays the players participating in the tournament.
  10. 73,432: Caesars Superdome Stadium’s capacity for Final Four 2022 (full capacity).

Russ spoke to Jill Gonzalez to get more about the tournament and the best and worst cities.

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