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Banana Wave Banana Milk Hits The Spot

If you want to get punched in the face with great banana taste, then this will be your drink of choice. The incredibly versatile milk is only 80 calories per serving with no fat and 19 grams of carbs, 1 gram of protein and 12 grams of sugar in an 8 oz carton.

I used this pre and post-workout and felt a difference. It did give me a boost. In the past, I’ve used bananas for their potassium (this has 330 mg) because it aids in keeping away calf and leg cramps, for me at the very least. It’s a great dairy-free option.

30% of this product is calcium and 10% is vitamin A. The ingredients are good and the sugar is cane sugar.

I had three flavors to sample, chocolate, strawberry, and original. I liked the strawberry the best. But they were all good.

Use it in cereal or just as a drink as I suggested.

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