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Frenchie Hydration Drink Works Well Under Pressure

Frenchie hydration drink may be new to you, but I had the chance to try it out and I got some interesting results. First off, it pasted the taste test. It’s sparkling water with a citrus flavor. It only has two grams of sugar and stevia is another sweetener added that

Banana Wave Banana Milk Hits The Spot

If you want to get punched in the face with great banana taste, then this will be your drink of choice. The incredibly versatile milk is only 80 calories per serving with no fat and 19 grams of carbs, 1 gram of protein and 12 grams of sugar in an

Glasstic Water Bottle Review

The Glasstic water bottle is a cool product. It has a glass water bottle on the inside and shatterproof plastic on the outside. Pros: I love the design of the screw on top and bottom. It’s easy to clean and when the water is sealed in, it really is sealed in.