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Born Fanatic Book Review

Born Fanatic is a harsh but gripping book dealing with the subject of a star NFL players’ son. The author Michael McCormack dealt with the story of he and football and he and his family, including his dad Mike, who had a long NFL career as an offensive tackle.

The dad is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That automatically gives a player a lifetime of good will. As you will read in the book he wasn’t father of the year and his relationship with his son, Michael, was complicated.

Mike McCormack was the coach of the 1973 Philadelphia Eagles.  This is a big part of the book and there were a lot of interesting mentions about the dad and son’s time spent in the City of Brotherly Love. There is a mention of the movie about the Eagles and what the fans thought about Mike’s dad as a coach.

I loved his brown mustard mention. 100% accurate.

This tome goes on sale on April 24th. It’s well worth the read. I think football fans will find it interesting and I think fathers and sons may have some interest of well, even if they’re not sports fans.

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