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Brianna Musco Poured Her Heart and Soul into Her New EP

Brianna Musco has a new EP coming out, and she’s doing everything in her power to make sure it’s successful. When I mentioned iTunes, she told me something very interesting about playing the EP there over some other services.

“The EP is called “Alter Ego” it comes out April 22nd at midnight. You can pre-order it on iTunes and pre-save it on Spotify. All of the links for that are in my different social media accounts. On April 22nd you can just Google, Brianna Musco “Alter Ego”, Musco stated. “It’s on every major streaming platform. iTunes helps all the artists the most. Most of the sale (34 cents in a 99-cent price tag) goes to the artist directly, but on Spotify, we get less than pennies. iTunes is most supportive. It’s five songs, and I’ve released four of them as singles so far.”

Releasing four of the songs as singles does some fancy-schmancy stuff to the algorithm and that has helped Musco.

“It looks like on day one we have 500k streams like “Lady Gaga” or something. Which is the dream. We cheated the system. I am from Jersey. There is one song nobody has heard that I think is our best. I saved the best for last on purpose,” Musco teased. “Each song tells that story.”

When I asked if that cheating/Jersey thing was mafia related, Musco laughed and said, “Maybe, maybe, my mom and I have been watching the Sopranos.”

“You have to be on your toes. Sneaky and finagle the system a little bit,” Musco added.

Musco is a mensch. I’ve become emotionally invested in her career despite her tragic handling of her fantasy football team and not knowing how to change a flat tire. Although, I’ve started to help with that subject.

“My team was so, so bad. I’ve never seen a worse performance in my life. I should retire,” she admitted. “I went from the championship game 2-3 years in a row to the loser trophy. Derrick Henry, all these guys that got hurt. I’ve never had good luck with running backs. There’s no way I can’t redeem myself. I can’t possibly have a worse draft or season. I love Russell Wilson as a person. I am going to try out a different quarterback next season. All the love. I hope he gets another ring.”

The New York Rangers are her favorite hockey team, and she’s looking for a big spring out of the Blueshirts.

“I hope they win. Did you see Miller’s goal the other night in overtime? That was insane. I hope they do. I feel awful that Hank isn’t there, but I love Shesterkin. I hope we make it far in the playoffs. I hate the Lightning. I just want a little bit of joy until the end of Spring,”

Musco came out to her fan base recently. It was a brave move because an artist never knows how that might affect their relationship with their audience. Having covered her for years now, I think she’s in a much better place since doing that.

“I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. There are so many incredible artists that are out and proud. I saw that. I never thought I could be successful and be out,” Musco said with pride. “We’ve seen so many actresses and musicians thrown to the side after coming out. When I saw artists that were out and successful. I’m much more comfortable being myself. I’m sure you can tell I’m much more unhinged. I don’t hold back any thoughts.”

She wants to help create change. One less significant change would be pronouncing Mozzarella correctly in television commercials.

“It’s Mutz,” she said like a Jersey chick. “Anytime somebody says it, I laugh. It’s like gravy vs. sauce. There’s a time and a place. If you’re at Sunday dinner. Dear g-d, pronounce it correctly.”

Making videos, making songs, that’s what she’s about now. I remember talking to her when the pandemic first started, and she knew she couldn’t wait around for it to end to try and make a big impact. Instead, she did the opposite and connected with her audience who was hungry for some new music. She started by playing the guitar but then seemed to pivot by using her voice.

“I wouldn’t put anything out that my grandma couldn’t watch,” Musco first stated and then got a bit more honest. “She’s 4-10, You cannot upset her. She has all the apps; I regret downloading them for her.”

Musco shines at live shows. I’ve been to a few, and reviews can be read in this space. You won’t be disappointed.

“I always keep my guitar playing in my back pocket. If I can win over a listener with my voice. When we get shows back. Then I show up with the guitar. If I can have that waiting for them. I’ll have my strat. I’ll have my fun. I want to wow them again. My main goal is to match pitch like Madonna, Lady Gaga. I want people to think I’m a singer even though we both know I wasn’t supposed to be a singer.”

A lot of her Instagram videos seem to revolve around food, so I decided to ask her what’s her specialty.

“I suck at cooking. The only thing I make better than my mom is an omelet. She knows it. My flip in the pan is top tier!”

Musco is a good soul. She’s driven. She’s out there hustling, and I hope she can reach her dreams.

Find everything about her music here:

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