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Buckology Episode One

The New York Mets are currently winning, and when that happens a lot of other things get overlooked by the fanbase and media. Having watched Buck Showalter for many years, I thought I would point out some of his foibles every once in a while and see if they become trends.

Edwin Diaz is still blowing saves. He’s still giving up bad home runs. After blowing one yesterday, Buck had this take.

This take was unnecessary. In 2020, ranked Diaz as the 25th best closer in the league. Diaz blew six games last year that was two off from being the league leader. Let’s see how Buck uses him this season. So far, he has one save, and one blown save.

  1. Luis Guillorme is the chosen one for Buck. I like him as a defensive replacement. He has 19 at-bats this year and he’s hitting .158. He’s been in ten games. I’m not saying he’s stealing a job, I’m just saying I think we all know what role he should play.
  2. Buck’s feel for this bullpen isn’t good. Early on he didn’t close Trevor May because he decided before the game started that Trevor Williams should pitch. We all know how that turned out.
  3. Buck hasn’t figured out how to get production out of the DH spot. If the Mets aimlessly rotate players in and out of that position with no real plan, it’s going to be a failure, except with Pete Alonso, because he’s going to hit no matter what. Francisco Lindor said he was bored and wants to be at shortstop, so there’s another take.

Buck has made some good moves too. But every good move is being overmagnified while they’re winning. He tends to overthink things and makes too many lineup adjustments. I feel like he should find an everyday lineup. Guys need consistency. Some substitutions are fine. That’s just my take.

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