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Early Thoughts About Flyers Rookie Camp Day One

Voorhees – – After the early morning sessions, I took some notes on how the guys looked. Many of them haven’t hit the ice in an organized fashion for a few months.

Connor Bunnaman – 6-1, 207 – C – Showing good agility for a bigger guy. The coaches were working on the speed of his release. He had 37 goals last year. Imagine what that extra second could mean in the slot?
Pascal Laberge – 6-1, 182 – C – He had a concussion last season but shows no ill effects. Still had the best hands in his group.
Tanner Laczynski – 6-1, 190 – C – Very smooth skater. His turns are tight.
Carsen Twarynski – 6-2, 201 – LW – Love his long skating stride. Like his shot as well.
Oscar Lindblom –6-1, 192 – LW – Looks like a pro. He stood out. No lost movements in his release. Very strong.
Wade Allison – 6-2, 205 – RW – Skating is ok. His shot is terrific. He has a fast wrist shot. He needed to be more disciplined in the East Regionals last year.
Mike Vecchione – 5-10, 194 – RW – He looks very polished. He was a quick learner. Very smart player.
Cooper Marody – 6-0, 179 – C/RW – He has excellent agility. His shot is pretty accurate.
Isaac Ratcliffe – 6-6, 205 – LW – Stick to puck before shooting could be faster. Imagine how many goals he will score at that point? Good shot accuracy.
Phillipe Myers – 6-5, 209 – D – Looking smooth on his turns and general skating. His backwards skating isn’t perfect. Had some trouble on his left side.
Mark Friedman – 5-10, 191 – D – His skating was really good. Very slick. Very fluid and natural.
Mikhail Vorobyev – 6-2, 207 – C – Tremendous passer. Hard shot. Nice snap to his wrist shot.
Maksim Sushko – 6-0, 179 – RW – Has a nice curl to his wrist shot. Some real subtle technique there.
Ivan Koroshenkov (pictured above) – 6-0, 181 – RW – Very fast release. Fast with the puck. He trains in the mountains so his stamina is excellent. I’d sign him if it were up to me.
Matthew Strome – 6-3, 201 – LW – Pretty accurate shot but can work on his hand speed.
Morgan Frost – 5-11, 172 – C/LW – His wrist shot accuracy isn’t his strength. There’s room for improvement there and that’s good. You always want there to be more upside.

Nolan Patrick pictured during his first Flyers press conference in Voorhees.

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