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Gleb Veremyev Is Trending Up Towards the 2022 NHL Draft

Gleb Veremyev was a player I’d seen before in this calendar year. I’ve been to Plymouth, Michigan a lot lately for various games and camps. He’s improved a lot since the beginning of this season. This New Jersey-born left wing is a fun player to watch.

“I live in Monroe Township in Central New Jersey. A lot of people say Central Jersey doesn’t exist but I think it goes from North Brunswick down to Bordertown,” said Veremyev.

Playing hockey at an early age can give a player a huge advantage.

“My dad got me on skates when I was two years old. For a big guy, it’s hard to get speed going. When I move my feet consistently, I think it’s hard for the other team to defend against me,” Veremyev stated. “I’m always working on my feet to quickly get into areas.”

This prospect practiced hard. It was an All-Star game practice. He knew scouts would be there and he wanted to give it his best knowing what’s at stake in his draft year.

“It’s a huge honor. The best guys in the country are playing in this game,” said Veremyev. “To be chosen as one of the best players is surreal. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity. I was ready for this a while back. But when I got on the plane to come here and I was feeling that tonight.”

In the 2022 BioSteel All American Game, this prospect played second line left wing. He had an assist in the game but at 6-4, he was physical. That’s a combination that NHL teams are looking for.

“It’s an important part of my game. You have to use whatever God gave you to your advantage in the Western Conference in the USHL. You want to be a physical presence out there to break up plays,” he reiterated. “If you’re out there and blow a guy up. Next time that creates more space for you. That’s why I do it.”

When I asked about Tyler Boucher and does he try and play that way. I got a very poignant reply.

“Tyler is the same age as me. He’s a very good player. I don’t look up to people my own age,” Veremyev admitted. “He’s a special player but someone I try to model my game after is Jordan Greenway. A really good player who’s played a good amount in the NHL. He’s a guy who uses his size, strength to get to the net and shoot the puck.”

At this size, with a reputation for being tough, does he sometimes get targeted?

“I have tried to gain a reputation to not mess with me too much. I certainly have dropped the mitts a few times and rough some people up. You do make a name for yourself when you hit a lot of guys and get in their faces. But that’s not how you play in an All-Star game.”

A player like Veremyev wants to show off all of his attributes and an NHL Combine could help him if they have one in 2022.

“I would love to go to a combine,” Veremyev said quickly. “I will work this summer on leg strength, upper body strength. I’m always working on getting stronger, bigger, and faster. I will work on every part of my game.”

The best parts of his game are in great demand at the moment.

“I think the edge I play with. Kind of like a Matthew or Brady Tkachuk. They are a-holes to play against. Just kind of in your face. You just don’t want to be on the ice with them. I have to use my size. I have a big shot. Combining all of that and using that.”

Veremyev has 12 points in 28 games. That’s pretty good. When you combine that and his other talents, he has an excellent chance of hearing his name called at the 2022 NHL Draft.

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