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Hydrant Drink Mix Review

Hydrant is a hydration mix that is a naturally sweetened drink that’s supposed to help you get over a workout or stay focused or possibly eliminate a headache. Many of these slight ailments are due to dehydration, not to the point of passing out, but enough that it affects your daily performance.

The drink claims to have 3x the electrolytes than any energy drink on the market. I tried it after a long bike ride (for me). I didn’t clock the mileage but normally I’d feel some muscle twitch in my calves and I didn’t after I had the drink, I thought the taste was good as well.

The mix is non-GMO and Gluten Free. It’s vegan and only 50 calories per stick. The product is manufactured in the United States. Considering there’s only 11 grams of sugar, that’s really good. The drink isn’t overly sweet as many are.

Here’s how you can purchase it:

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