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Is Teqball The Next Fun Olympic Sport?

Have you heard of it? Recently, it officially became a European Games 2023 and is on track to becoming an Olympic sport by LA 2028. It’s being played on the east coast and the west coast. New York and New Jersey have people playing there.

Here are the official rules:

David Beckham and Adam Levine are playing. I haven’t tried it but I will go to see it at some point. For now, I’ve watched it online and it’s interesting and different.

Carolyn Greco is a professional player who is ranked 10th in the world. She is a converted soccer player who is the founder of the first all-female Teqball club in the world called @bellateq and she plans on playing the sport for a while. She told me she didn’t feel like this was a young person’s sport and that means she will be playing for years to come.

I also asked her about the shoes. She didn’t have a preference and that surprised me. Most sports have particular shoes but this sport can be played indoors or outdoors so there really isn’t a shoe of choice at the moment and that’s good for the casual player.

Ajay Nwosu is helping to grow Teqball across the United States. He loves the sport and I could tell he was passionate about it especially when talking about folks in New York City playing it. Nwoso joined Teqball USA in 2019 and is the current CEO. He is there to help grow the sport and he got me to listen and to care about it. He’s very convincing, he also has a soccer background and to me, after speaking with him, it seems like the “gateway” to this sport.

There are a ton of talented pros to follow on Instagram and otherwise. Carol is an environmentalist and that is another passion of mine so I am following the sport through her.

If you want to become a player. This is the best place to start:

Follow this Instagram account to start your journey:

This is a fast-growing sport. Here’s your chance to get it on the fun.

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