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Kellie Madison’s Never Back Down Revolt Has Authentic Fighting Scenes

Kellie Madison’s latest movie Never Back Down: Revolt has tremendous fighting scenes, gore, and that Alfred Hitchcock feel when the violence becomes intense. This movie hits on all of those notes largely to the menacing Michael Bisping (retired UFC fighter) and three talented actresses, Olivia Popica (Anya), who can punch and kick like a boss and pull off some touching scenes too. This movie is about fighting to pay off a debt and some other heavy subjects.

“I like to work with authentic fighters because you get gritty fight scenes. I auditioned every fighter in London, but they didn’t have the acting chops. We went with actors and trained them the best we could for the fight scenes.”

Kellie Madison

Bisping has a definite career in acting.

“Michael was such a joy and a light on the set and always smiling,” Madison remembered. “He was always joking and laughing, and I was like ‘c’mon we’re working’ and he was so sweet and kind, but he delivered, and we crafted a nice performance together where he seems menacing. I was watching the editing and saying, ‘he’s such a d—k” but that’s not him at all.”

Nitu Chandra (Jaya) – This actress showed great courage in her role, and she was tough as nails. As tough as she was, she did have a soft side too, and that’s hard to pull off.

Brooke Johnston (Mariah) – She is smarmy, you can’t trust her, and she can throw a mean punch. I wouldn’t let this character be in charge of watching my goldfish. She can’t be trusted.

James Faulkner (Julian) – This guy was a son of a bitch. Tough as nails and figured he could buy his way out of anything,

‘He’s the best and always super lovely. There was nobody in the cast that was an a-hole. Sometimes you get a bad apple in the bunch. I would work with him again and again. We had a bit of a love affair just working together,” she admitted.

This movie had some nice cinematic shots that’s called “building tone”.

“That’s my VP Oliver Loncraine, I was like let’s make sure we get these gorgeous long takes. I worked really hard to get those shots. You might not think we put a lot of weight to it, but they build tone,” said Madison. “Going back to the location outside of London, we shot a bunch of b-roll in post, all that stuff, if it were up to me, we would have had four more days of that. You can only do so much with your budget.”

The line of the movie was from Bisping’s character. When Anya asked “I didn’t catch your name?,” he replied, “No, you didn’t.” As it turns out, Madison wrote that one line (Audrey Arkins) and was tickled that it resonated with me. 

This movie is Rated-R, but I would debate it needed that honestly. The movie releases on November 16th, 2021, and everybody should see it or rent it. You will be thoroughly entertained. Also, they should make another with Kellie in charge. I’m talking to you, Sony Pictures.

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