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NFL Quarterbacks Who Could Be on the Move or Retire

I’ll attempt to guess where a few might end up or if they retire. The list is vast, and it shows how quarterbacks don’t have the type of careers they did 20 years ago. If they don’t win in a certain amount of time, this is what happens. In some cases, even winning the big game, put them in this spot. In terms of who’s going to lift the Lombardi Trophy, a lot of sports sites are torn on this. As per this Super Bowl Odds Update Before NFL’s Divisional Round article: “The Ravens (+200) graded out as the best regular-season team since the 2007 Patriots after becoming the first team in NFL history to average 200 passing yards and 200 rushing yards per game.”

Tom Brady – He won’t be retiring. I think he will end up in either the Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Colts or the Denver Broncos.

Teddy Bridgewater – I think the Saints will franchise Bridgewater as he waits for Drew Brees to retire.

Jacoby Brissett – He could be out of a job if they acquire Tom Brady but still be a backup.

Andy Dalton – He could go to the Patriots or the Bears.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – He could retire but I think it’s more likely that he stays in Miami.

Joe Flacco – I think he will retire.

Nick Foles – I think he likely gets traded to the New England Patriots. The Bears could be another spot.

Case Keenum – I can see him in Baltimore or New York as a Jets backup.

Eli Manning – I think he retires.

Marcus Mariota – He could go to the Bears or Tampa.

Cam Newton – I can see him going to the Redskins and reuniting with Ron Rivera.

Phillip Rivers – Slight chance he stays, or he could go to Tampa or Carolina.

Ben Roethlisberger – He stays in Pittsburgh.

Matthew Stafford – He stays in Detroit or the Patriots try and land him.

Mitch Trubisky – He could end up in Los Angeles or Tampa or back in Chicago.

Jameis Winston – Carolina Panthers, or stays in Tampa.

Let’s see how this all ends up. It should be fascinating. In the meantime the playoffs are ongoing and there are plenty of surprises to come.

photo by del Tufo

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