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Remembering the First Super Bowl (Part I)

A lot of twists and turns, evolution and revolution, mistakes and major steps forward, colorful characters, dedicated idealists and guys with an eye on making a quick buck, - all of these and much more were part of the mix in the history of professional football before it would finally

Three Most Improbable Super Bowl MVPs In NFL History

Quarterbacks have always been favorites to win Super Bowl MVP. Despite the fact that football’s a team sport, pivots attract the lion’s share of media attention. More than half of all Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. A poor performance by both pivots tend to be the only reason QBs

National Bobble Head Day Announcement

Today, on the 3rd National Bobblehead Day, the National Bobblehead HOF and Museum revealed two new bobbleheads just in time for the NFL Playoffs. These Classic Super Bowl 50 and 51 Bobbleheads are limited to only 144 each and are certain to be very popular.We thought your audience would be


With baseball on its way out and football and basketball and hockey primed to take over the sporting center stage, a collection of highly readable, very relevant titles are there for your gift-giving and reading enjoyment.  Just read on. Fields of Battle by Brian Curtis Flatiron Books, $29.99, 308 pages is