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Tim Tebow Isn’t a Ballplayer

Tim Tebow is a college football analyst who happens to get invited to Mets Spring Training, year after year because he sells tickets and merchandise. At 32, there’s no other team in major league baseball who would bother.

Tebow was in AAA last year. He hit .163 with four homers and 19 RBI. His career average is .223 after 940 minor league at-bats. His career on-base percentage is .299. Last season he struck out every 1.27 at-bats. There’s nothing about his baseball career that would keep getting invites to spring training except for the fact that fans love him.

How can he train for spring training when he’s analyzing bowl games with ESPN? This is a part-time gig for him and honestly, he’s taking away a chance from a kid who’s dreams of making the big leagues and trains year-round and that’s all he’s ever wanted. Tebow is passionate about football. He decided to try baseball and he doesn’t have the instincts or the talent.

This makes the Mets look foolish especially when they talk about this year’s team. Garth Brooks was 1-39 in his stints in the minor leagues, which he did for charity, so Tebow is better than that.

The Mets have 15 non-roster invitees. They should only invite players who could someday play in the majors. That’s why they have the ability to do this. Tebow has been invited three times. No young player gets that kind of chance. Why should he? We know the answer.

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