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NHL Bob and KHL Bob

Avangard’s new recruit, Corban Knight, is enjoying something of a reunion in Balashikha as pre-season continues. Back in the day, the forward made his NHL debut in Calgary under Bob Hartley and now the two are working together once again in KHL. So, who better to tell us about the difference between the North American Bob Hartley and the current, Russian edition?

“I was curious to see what it was going to be like,” Knight said in an exclusive interview with “Knowing Bob from Calgary, he’s a very passionate, very detailed person, especially when it comes to hockey. Obviously, there is a language barrier and the game’s a little bit different over here, but I think he’s adjusted very well. Just in the three weeks that I’ve been here, how he’s run camp and stuff, it’s very similar to how he ran NHL training camps – and I think that’s really good. The experience he has is pretty incredible … I think it’s great to have that kind of experience and pedigree here.”

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