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Nirvana Water With HMB Tastes Great

Nirvana water with HMB has a good taste. That’s the first hurdle. If you don’t like the taste it won’t matter what’s inside the water. Not all water is created equal, and this water has HMB in it.

HMB increases muscle protein synthesis and decreases breakdown. I tested it before rigorous exercise and afterward. It is explained here.

I felt it did something for me after workouts. I felt it eased some muscle soreness I would feel after a long walk, especially in my legs.

When I did it beforehand, I couldn’t tell if it did anything positive but the fact that my legs felt good playing softball on Astroturf on a very hot day is a positive thing as well.

Nirvana cares about sustainability and you can read about that. That’s a big plus for me.

For me, this is a product I’ll get for post-workout. It makes sense and I’m glad companies keep making these health advances. As we age we do need some help.

Check it out for yourself.

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