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NHL 16 Review Xbox One

The intro to this game is fabulous. Life should be in hi-res slo mo! It really gets you going. The first thing you notice when you start playing is how much control you now have over the goaltender. That’s my dream. I want to be that goalie and not let the AI give up a soft goal. If it’s me I can deal with it. The biggest improvement between the pipes is the control over the goalie’s blocker. The glove saves have a lot of gusto. It’s more skill than luck.

Skating, shooting, passing and scoring is so much easier than it used to be. You can literally start this game out of the box and start playing in less than 15 minutes after updates etc. I love that. Sometimes people who are busy want to be able to get in a quickie.

The creation zone is so much fun. I got lost in creating myself and picking out all the cool equipment. Too bad I’ll probably be a 4th liner but hey I have to look good! I was termed a “Grinder”. My name is Hobey Cohen and I am from New York (Massapequa isn’t in there, have to wait for Sonny Milano to debut for that). My play by play name is Cullen because it’s close to Cohen. LOL. Colby Cohen never made it. When he didn’t that chance went out the window.

I didn’t use any of the practice modes. I think it’s great that they’re available I just don’t think I need it. Time will tell.

I assigned myself to the New York Rangers. Why? Because the Garden faithful love 4th liners. Chances of me being booed are slim.

I love all the settings. As time goes by I will start to change them but I like what comes set out of the box. For now.

Doc Emrick and the NBC presentation including Ray Ferraro and Eddie “O” is fantastic. The pre-game skate looks fantastic. It’s top notch.

The coach feedback is good. Talking about taking the crowd out of the game and winning more face-offs were legit concerns as I progressed in my first few games.

The crowd reaction and bench shots are stellar.

Players can really make clean defensive stops. Victor Hedman beat up Ryan McDonagh in a fight but I accepted it so my bad.

I learned if I try and shoot in traffic it’s much harder to get off a shot. You really have to shoot every time you have any space. That’s big. Too many passes is bad too.

I love the NHL moments and the fact that you can download more from the current season and play them.

With online play, GM mode, Ultimate Team and more this game is more than worth it and gets an A from me. I was able to download the current roster. You really have to nitpick to find flaws.

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