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Roger Federer May Be the Greatest Male Athlete of All-Time

Roger Federer has no equal in the men’s tennis game. At the age of 36, he continues to baffle the experts. Even if he cuts back on tournaments he can still win the big ones and has already advanced into the quarterfinals at Wimbledon.

His records include 20-grand slam singles titles, 30 grand slam finals (LeBron James won’t make the finals 30 times in his career), 10 of the 30 are consecutive! He has 43 appearances in the semis and 53 quarterfinal appearances. He just keeps setting records. He’s dominating his sport the way many thought Tiger Woods would.

The spectacular Swede has been in the #1 ranked spot for a record 310 weeks; 237 of them are consecutive.

At 36, most athletes are in the back nine of their career. This athlete has won his last 32 sets at Wimbledon! In his last game, he won the first set in 16 minutes. 34 sets is the record, that he set back in 2006, when he was a younger player. He’s surprised he’s still this good at this age and has admitted that.

He turns 37 next month and that may be after another Wimbledon title. There are some great players in his path still, including Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic if they continue to advance. Michael Jordan was retired at this age and came back to play with the Wizards at age 38 and 39 but he was a diminished player. Federer hasn’t fallen off that cliff just yet and there’s no sign of when that might happen.

He’s beaten the best competition, all of them younger than he is. He’s won Wimbledon a record eight times (so far), six Australian Open titles (tied for the record), a record five-straight US Open Titles, and one French Open title.

He’s had some injuries, including a knee surgery, and that hasn’t slowed him down. His 20 men’s Grand Slam tournament titles is another record. I’d say he’s surpassed, Tom Brady? Wouldn’t you?

I know he plays in a singular sport but there’s nobody there to pick him up. It’s all on him. That’s the counter-argument.

He doesn’t seem to have the same kind of diet that Brady has. He carbo-loads before an event eating three bowls of pasta and a tray of baked veggies.

Federer can play soccer and once upon a time thought he could play in that sport. He was a dual-sport athlete at the age of eight and he gave up that dream at the age of 11 when he started to play tennis full-time.

Federer still has more left in the tank and that’s why he may be the greatest male athlete of all-time.

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