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Glasstic Water Bottle Review

The Glasstic water bottle is a cool product. It has a glass water bottle on the inside and shatterproof plastic on the outside.

Pros: I love the design of the screw on top and bottom. It’s easy to clean and when the water is sealed in, it really is sealed in. My dogs and cats have knocked it over and nothing leaked. Not even turned sideways on a car trip in a bag. The plastic is BPA free!

Cons: It may take a few minutes to dislodge the bottle from the last. After unscrewing the bottom, turn it upside down and push out the bottle. It clicks in. It’s a bit heavy and it only holds 16 ounces.

This product lets you enjoy drinking out of a glass and not have to worry about it breaking. So, you can keep it poolside if you like. The offer free parts replacement if anything breaks.

I like the product and the $20-dollar price tag is worth it. It’s very durable and it comes in some cool colors.

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