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Frenchie Hydration Drink Works Well Under Pressure

Frenchie hydration drink may be new to you, but I had the chance to try it out and I got some interesting results.

First off, it pasted the taste test. It’s sparkling water with a citrus flavor. It only has two grams of sugar and stevia is another sweetener added that is all-natural, its plant-based. There are 15 calories per can. The 116 mg of potassium is big for me. I have gotten leg cramps during stressful exercise before and being a guy in his 50’s, potassium helps fight that.

Here are the different ways that I used it:

1)    Just when I was feeling thirsty. Did it quench my thirst? It did.

2)    After a walk, maybe 2 miles or 3 or more. One can made me feel good again instead of tired.

3)    I bike for fun. I don’t even clock the mileage. It passed the test are a few bike rides.

4)    The hardest test was after mowing my lawn, after it was a bit high, on a day that was 70% humidity and eventually 80 degrees. I didn’t expect to be out in the heat but there I was. I brought the drink out and took a break and drank half, finished the job, and drank the other half. I was dead tired when I was drinking the first half it helped me have the energy to finish. I was thinking about stopping for a few hours before that.

If you try it you’ll be hooked. And you won’t have to deal with all the sugar that some of the others have that you don’t need.

Find out more about the product here:

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