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Facing Nolan Could Have Been Better

Facing Nolan is a new documentary on Netflix. It’s an interesting one, and you get to hear Nolan Ryan talk about a lot of subjects, including his time with the New York Mets, something I wanted to hear my entire life. Joe Pignatano, longtime Mets coach explained to me that

The MLB Strikeout Epidemic

Have the 2018 pitchers gotten so much better than their predecessors? Is this why they’re striking out batters at a record pace? Or is it the “launch angle” that is destroying the fabric of the game? Back in the day, a player like Dave Kingman would get destroyed for a season

The Pickle Juice Company Product Review

Have you ever eaten a pickle? If the answer is yes then you already know there are a lot of folks who eat different varieties of them. We’ve heard about their use in sports, like baseball's Nolan Ryan soaking his hands in them to prevent and heal blisters. Can pickle