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The Pickle Juice Company Product Review


Have you ever eaten a pickle? If the answer is yes then you already know there are a lot of folks who eat different varieties of them. We’ve heard about their use in sports, like baseball’s Nolan Ryan soaking his hands in them to prevent and heal blisters. Can pickle juice have another use?

The pickle juice company has created a bottled drink that has some great ingredients. Filtered water, vinegar, salt, natural flavors, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. I tried the 8oz bottles but they also make a 2.5 extra strength shots.

The taste is ok. It’s not ideal but the benefits of the drink outweigh the fact that it doesn’t taste like your favorite soda or sugary drink. This has no sugar in it.

If you’re on a low salt diet then this isn’t for you (470mg). However, the bottles I tried have 890mg of electrolytes!

I do get muscle cramps in my calfs. I’ve taken potassium and had marginal results. I’ve also tried eating a banana as a preventative and that came with marginal results. I didn’t notice any change in me using this as a preventative. I did drink it while cramping after a long walk, hours of driving or strenuous activity and it did make the pain subside. It was a solid temporary fix.

A six pack of 8 oz bottles is $12.95 on Amazon. That’s pretty well priced. I never had to finish a bottle for the pain to stop so I used them a few times each.

I think the mix of ingredients is the key here. You probably won’t use this as a drink to have with dinner but you probably want to try this as something you drink after a long run or after strenuous activity.

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